Wastewater treatment packages

Pre-designed and prefabricated wastewater treatment plants, known as package treatment plants, are widely used in places where the activated sludge method is intended, but the wastewater flow is less than 3800 cubic meters per day. Wastewater treatment package with modern technologies is very important for treating wastewater of residential towns, hospitals, factories and reuse, especially for agricultural purposes and irrigation of green areas.
Advantages of using a wastewater treatment package:
1- Ability to carry and move
2- It can be upgraded in case of changes
3- Appropriate appearance and small volume
4- Ease of operation and maintenance
5- Lower energy consumption than concrete treatment plant
6- Having all the units and equipment needed for wastewater treatment
Our company has the ability to manufacture and operate MBR and MBBR wastewater treatment packages:
MBR process: is an integrated wastewater treatment system that consists of a biological treatment process (activated sludge) and a submerged membrane system. This process replaces conventional treatment processes (conventional activated sludge) by integrating sedimentation process (clarification), aeration, and filtration into a reactor, and forms a simple and effective system which reduces initial and operation investment.
The MBR process is a suspended growth activated sludge process that is integrated with a membrane system (usually a hollow fiber membrane (hollow fiber) or tubular type). In this process, a membrane system acts same as sedimentation process (clarification) in conventional activated sludge system.

MBBR process: It is an attached-growth biological wastewater treatment process. That is, the microorganisms attach to a solid environment. This process uses small plastic substrates to which microorganisms are attached. The MBBR treatment process is typically carried out in a reservoir similar to an activated sludge aeration tank. For an aerobic process the carrier substrates are suspended by a dispersed aeration system or for an anaerobic or anaerobic process by a mechanical mixing system. A filter at the tank outlet is usually used to hold carrier substrates which are in the MBBR tank. Initial sedimentation usually occurs in the MBBR reservoir. And due to the presence of a sufficient number of microorganisms that adhere to the substrates, there is no sludge return in this process.