Rehabilitation and overhaul of water treatment plant

Increasing the water demand, the need to increase efficiency, equipment fatigue over time, changing environmental standards, etc. lead to give solutions to overhaul, rehabilitation and upgrade the capacity of existing treatment plants. Rehabilitation methods include:
• Qualitative evaluation of the condition of existing treatment plants and providing a detailed report of the problems and defects of the treatment plant and providing rehabilitation solutions according to the type and quality of wastewater
• Design and re-engineering of purification processes, modification of old processes and replacement with advanced processes
• Rehabilitation and repair of units of the treatment plant and repair or replacement of old equipment and facilities.
• Replacement of advanced and up-to-date electromechanical equipment with low energy consumption and high efficiency instead old equipment
• Improving the quality of effluent from the treatment plant and ensuring that environmental standards are met
• Increase the capacity of the treatment plant
• Use of modern and cost-effective technologies for the treatment of industrial wastewater such as DAF system, advanced filtration, membrane methods such as RO system and membrane bioreactor.
• Installation and use of online and advanced instrumentation fully automatic equipment to improve the performance of treatment plants.